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A million reasons to love Zelo. Here are two!

Hate haggling?

Save your bargaining skills for flea markets and salary negotiations! No more haggling with the broker, with the landlord, the maid, the electrician, the cook, the carpenter… phew! Because at Zelo, there are no hidden costs - you get what you pay for. And you don’t have to pay much.

Hate dull moments?

No isolated flats in a building where you feel stranded amidst a crowd of strangers. Zelo takes up entire properties so that you can live around like-minded people. Celebrate your special days and festivals not just with neighbors, but with Zelo community.

You are not alone. Who else trusts Zelo ?

1000 people and counting. And that’s when we’ve only just begun! See what other Zelo customers have to say:

Rooms are well lit, spacious and ventilated but the best thing is the quality and variety of food.


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